Converter 0-10v to 1-10v

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VG-TD226Dimmable Electronic Ballast 2 Lamps 26W - 42W58.91 €
VG-TD258Dimmable Electronic Ballast 2x 58W59.74 €


Converts 0-10 v analog control voltage into 1-10v to drive dimmable electronic ballast.
Manufacturer: Varintens


Input: 0-10V analog voltage (passive)
Output: 1-10V for actors, dimmers or EVG with sink current (active)
Max 150mA (up to 1000 pcs. varintens EVDS)
And for power amplification at high number of EVDS.
For mounting on 35mm DIN rail.
Dimensions: W 18, H 90, D 58 mm