LED 75W Moving-Head Spotlight

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Z-STXLR51XLR 5-pole connector female6.35 €
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Motorized stage spotlight with colour changing LED and interchangable gobos.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Affordable and powerful moving head with a 75W LED. With its 7 gobos, the 8 dichroic filters and numerous extra features such as gobo shake, gobo, prism, Split & rainbow colors is a very complete device. Since it is equipped with an LED light source, the shutter is electronic and not mechanical. The focus is working with an engine and the zoom is mechanical. The device can more than 8 or 14 DMX channels are controlled. If you want to use the spot without a controller, you can use 16 auto-play, pre-set programs available and the Sound activated or master / slave mode. Thanks to its elegant design and the lightweight body of this moving head is very attractive and ergonomic. The gobos can easily be replaced by means of a practical cover.
Light intensity: 24,500 Lux / 1m
Beam angle: 17 ° -20 ° Manually adjustable
Light source: 1 x 75W LED, white

Input voltage: 100-240 V AC
Power consumption: Max. 170W at maximum power
LED forward current: 16,5A

Internal control: Display for Auto, Musiktaktungs- & master / slave mode
Control Protocol: DMX512
DMX channels: 13 CH Advanced / Basic 8 CH
Dimmer: 0-100%
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Focus: Electronic focus
Prism: 3-facet prism

Pan: 540 °
Tilt: 270 °
Pan / Tilt resolution: 16 bit
Special: Blackout while pan / tilt movement, Customizable Pan & tilt range of 540 ° / 360 ° / 180 °, inverted pan / tilt movement

Gobos & Color
Gobo: 2 glass + 5 metal gobos (interchangeable)
Gobofunktionen: Gobo-flow effect, Gobo shake effect
Rotation: Bidirectional
Colors: 8 dichroic filters + white
Color functions: Split colors, rainbow effect

Casing Color: Black
Housing: metal & fire-retardant plastic
Connections: XLR data input / output, IEC mains connector
Dimensions (W x D x H): 340 mm x 248 mm x 446 mm
Certification: CE
Max. Ambient temp .: 40° C