2 Bright LED Spotlights with Solar Power

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Solar powered light fixture with pole and two led lights for garden or walkways. Made in Germany.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


2 adjustable LED spotlights are provided with ground spikes and 3 meter cable.
or high light output and independent operation.
Eco-friendly and durable.
Made in Germany.
The brightness corresponds to about 2 x 50 watt halogen light.
For extra charge we provide the system with a pole to mount solar modules and lights for theft protection.
When pole mounting, the light controller is conveniently accessible behind a lockable door in the mast.

General specifications:
Beam distance: max. 6 meters
Ambient temperature: -30°C ~ +55°C (extended range on request)
Max. direct sunshine temperature: 85° C / 176 F degree
Energy efficiency class A +++
Protection class: III Low safe voltage
Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE
20 years sparepart supply ability.

Lamp specifications:
2 pcs. LED spot lamp
Luminaire housing: die-cast aluminum.
LED power: 6W each
Beam angle: 40° spot
Luminous flux: 1100 Lm
Light colour: 4000K neutral white (on request 5000K cold white or 3000K warm white).
No uv-radiation for reduced insects attraction
Casing: Rigid aluminium die-cast. Seawater and thunderstorm-proof.
Protection degree lamp head: IP66
3 years guarantee

System controler specifications:
Programmable Processor charge controler.
Infra Red remote control
Metering memory for actual and last days system status.
Automatic lamp start at sunset and turn-off by dawn.
Timer-dimmer: Full power at start-up, automatic dimming at late night and full power again in the early morning, for more safety at low battery capacity.
All functions are pre-programmed by us, for the project and to customer specifications, so that the lamp is ready for operation immediately after installation.
Temperature feeded battery charging for extended battery life.
Overcharge and deep-discharge protection for the battery.
Reverse polarity and electronic short circuit protection.
Additional electric fuse
Protection degree controller: IP66
5 years guarantee

Solar panel specifications:
High efficient monocrystalline silicone
(tempered glass encapsulated, sandstorm proof)
This modern cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
Efficiency: > 16%
Power: 60W
Total height: 40 cm with earth spike
Life expectancy: aprx. 25 years
20 years 80% power guaranty *
10 years 90% power guaranty *
* excepted is the complete failing (3 years guarantee)

Battery specifications:
Battery type: Lead gel 12V,
On option Li-Ion LiFePo4 battery
maintenance-free, longlife.
For solar cycling charge operation
Lifetime about 10 Years / 20°C.
Autonomy 2 days (max. 20 h) at absolutely no sunshine
Battery box: ABS plastic for waterproof inground installation
Protection degree: IP66 (walk over type) IP67 (non walkover)
The batteries are located underground for equalized temperature (longer life) and thieve protection.

Including following components:
2 LED light fixtures with ground spikes and cable,
Solar battery,
Recessed battery box,
Solar module with ground spike for adjustable position.
System controler.
Manual for easy mechanical and electrical setup in english language. Other languages on request.