Mobile Solar Floodlight Tower 1200W 4x100W LED

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Mobile lighting tower with 4 flood lighting projectors LED 100 Watt.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


PV flood lighting fixture, equipped with 4 pcs. high power LED floodlights 100W.
Recommended for building sites, mining, camps and events in sunny regions, like desert countries, Africa, Arabia, South America.
Ready to use installed on a trailer.
The lift can be risen by a crank up to 5 meter hight.
Lamp starting: Automatically by light sensor or by hand switch.
Luminous output: 45000 lumen
The brightness is like 4 halogen floodlights each 1000 watt.
Light colour: 4000 K (pure white). on request other colours.
Very long maintenance-free system lifespan, by use of efficient LED lamps, electronic 24V PWM driver and microcontroller system control.
High quality monocrystalline solar modules (tempered glass encapsulated, sand storm proof) aprx. 25 years life expectancy.
This modern cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
20 Years sparepart availability guarantee.

Back-up energy for 50 hours = 5 days at full charged batteries. This is to avoid black-outs during rainy days.
Lighted area Ø aprx. 60 meter
Protection degree lamp head: IP66
Protection degree battery box: IP67
Protection degree controller: IP66
Protection class: III Low safe voltage
Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE

Small trailer with following components:
maintenance-free high-power longlife Solar Gel Battery set,
Monocrystalline solar-modules with swivel mechanism.
Processor charge controler with MPPT for maximum solar efficiency.
4 robust aluminium die-cast LED floodlight projectors, adjustable mounted.
Battery box,
operation manual in english language - other languages on request.
(Complete unit - all inclusive)

* The pictures show samples with different sizes.

The trailer has a car connector plug and lighting, according to traffic rules.
Dimensions: Length 6m, width 2.20m