LED-Dimmer 12V plus RF Remote Control

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Dimmer for 12V or 24V LED strips with wireless hand controller.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


The dimmer is connected between power supply (12V) and bulb.
By the small remote control, it is possible to hide the unit in a false ceiling or cabinet.
All functions can be conveniently operated from a distance. If the power supply is switched off, the last setting retained when restarting (saved).
Operating voltage 12V or 24V DC
LED current up to 6A
Frequency remote control: 433MHz
Operating distance max. 50 meter
User Manual: English
The transmitter has the keys: ''Light'', ''Dark'', ''On-Off''
For driving LEDs, 12V DC or 24V power supply is required.
Each dimmer always has a different frequency, so that one can appeal to different dimmer with various keychain.
Remote Control Black in the form of a car key, plastic.
Type of battery for remote control: A23S - 12V (not included)
Dimensions: L 110mm, w 56mm, h 34mm