Triple holder for 3 Street Lights on a Pole

Order code: LS-ZM191

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Please add following accessories:
LS-112Power LED Street Light Fixture SL 90W536.00 €
LS-161LED Street Light Fixture 60W Skyline473.62 €
LS-160LED Street Light Fixture 30W Skyline422.45 €
LS-165Power LED Street Light Fixture 160W Skyline742.56 €
LS-134LED Street Light Fixture Klick 40W119.00 €


To mount 3 street lighting fixtures with 60mm junction on top of one lighting pole 76mm.
Manufacturer: Made in Germany


Arm length 50cm
For pole diameter: 76mm
Light fixture connection: 60mm
Tilt angle: 15 °
Steel galvanized
With stainless steel bolts