LED Street Pole Light Unique Lantern

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Nice LED streetlight, also for public garden or pathways. Made in Germany.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Very rigid and worthy construction.
Timeless design that fits into the old town, as well as in modern pedestrian zones, parks and footpaths.
Use: Riding lane lighting, footpath, park, driveway, pedestrian precinct, bicycle path, etc.
Without any pollution, Unique lights are energy saving and environmental protective, and they are very suitable to illuminate streets, schools, parks, villas, courtyards, gardens, and so on.
Hand welded, corrosion-protected with two-component primer and scratch resistant, provide multi-component paint truck.
With durable acrylic glass.
The light distribution is 360 degree round, to all directions.
Enlighted area aprx. 25m - 30m Ø
The aluminium lamelle reflector feeds the light slightly downwards and protects against blinding.
With high efficient power LED 15W or 20W
Light output 800 / 1200 Lumen - as bright as 50W / 80W HQL HPL mercury
Light colour 3500K warm white
Functions well under low temperature - 25° ... + 60° C.
Maintenance-free - Lifetime of the lamp aprx. 10 years.
Easily exchange of the LED light.
Operating voltage 200V - 240V 50 / 60Hz
Protection IP44, class II
Dimensions: Tiefe 300mm, Breite 450mm, Höhe 400mm
For poles with 60mm top diameter.
The steel pole 3, 4 or 5 meter height has to be ordered extra.
12 years spareparts availability.
Minimum ordering quantity 4 pcs. Preparing time aprx. 6 weeks