LED Driver 350mA / 700mA, 10V dimmable

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TA-3324Electronic Dimmer Potentiometer Recessed f. ballasts49.86 €


With potentiometer or pushbutton dimmable driverfor 1 - 8 power LED with 350 or 700 mA current. Max. 30W
Manufacturer: Kelvin


LED Driver, dimmable 1 ... 10V interface.
Electronic dimming potentiometer or EIB can be connected.
Also controllable by any 230V switch.
Selectable 350mA max. 15W
or 500mA max. 22W
or 700mA max. 25W
or 12 volts max. 15W
Operating Voltage 220 - 230V
Dimensions: 103 x 68 x 22 mm