Flexilight Rope Light Roll 45m clear white

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45 meters long. Extremely rigid type for brilliant light. Can be cut.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Flexible light hose particularly long shelf life.
These indicators will light more intense than most commercial brands. White fluorescent paint.
The tube emits a brilliant light duration and can be dimmed with an optional dimmer.
Supply voltage 230V, 750W power consumption (16.5 W per m)
By spiral ribbing very sturdy plastic tubing.
At the markings can be provided to cut the hose with a knife, or even longer with special connectors.
Maximum allowable total length of 50m.
It can be put together differently colored pieces. For a long hose can be cut many short pieces, which have to be provided with a power cord.
All lengths are made always operated on 230V line voltage, there is no transformer required.
Length 45m, Ø 13mm.
Supplied with a power cord with plug is included.
Weather resistant and temperature resistant from -20 ° to +60 ° C