Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tube T8, BioLight 18W

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Biolight Fluorescent Light Lamp with sunlight full spectrum for your health.
Manufacturer: Radium, Osram


BioLight is an adaption of naturally sunlight spectrum.
The white light is not only produced in isolated wavelength, rather in the whole visible ray area.
Like the vitalizing uv ultra violet daylight spectrum.
Because of their extremely good colour rendering and high colour temperature the BIO Light lamps are ideal for use in areas with little daylight.
Against deficiency symptoms such as headaches, poor concentration, fatigue, loss of vision, weakening the immune system and depression.
For workplaces, schools and kindergartens.
Light current 1000 lumen,
Light colour 6000K
Rated life: 16,000 h
Length 590 mm, Ø 26 mm