Mobile Solar Light 5 / 7W

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Powerful portable solar lantern with fluorescent lamp. Rechargeable by the included solar panel.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Mobile solar lamp for lighting without electricity. Also for camping or trekking.
Portable hand lamp for export to developing countries without electricity.
Powerful 5W fluorescent lamp 12,000h and 3 times higher light intensity.
(at 100 pcs. available with LED with a life time of 50,000h)
Silicon solar panel 5w
Continuous lighting output 8h
Maintenance-free 6v sealed lead-acid longlife battery.
Charge time 10 h
Continuous lighting output 3.5h
Life time aprx. 25 years (battery has to be replaced after 4 - 5 years)
Car charger cable included (mobile phone charging cable on request).
Rigid plastic housing, splashwaterproof.
Suggested ordering quantity 250 pcs. - samples on surcharge.