Hydra Space 24 Lighting Console

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TA-3085CRT Colour Monitor 15 Inch65.45 €


Lighting desk with 24 submaster faders and 2048 DMX channels.
Manufacturer: LT Light Technology


With Touch Screen 240 x 320 pixels.
Can be stored:
2000 Memories
2000 groups
2000 pages (for master and crossfader)
2000 macros
2000 effects
The configuration of moving lights can be stored in the internal library and are free to edit.
With integrated keyboard
Internal memory 512 MB
4 DMX outputs / 2048 channels
24 submaster fader for playback, circles, etc.
for 4 external monitors
Ethernet 10 (100M (RJ45)
USB, MIDI, audio, SMPTE, RS232
Quality brand manufactured in the EU.
Dimensions: W 920mm, D 442mm, height 73 ... 126mm

Remote Control for PDA - Based on the Wireless Ethernet
LT-Box - Converts signals from Ethernet to DMX
Wireless Access Point - Converts Ethernet signals into radio signals to