Long Arm Light / Display Spot Pilas

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Please add following accessories:
TRF-E100Electronic Transformer 12V 105W15.23 €
TRF-E150Electronic Transformer 12V 150W Dimmable19.99 €
Z-L-8174FHalogen Lamp MR16 50mm 50W longlife 36°1.90 €
Z-L-8174WHalogen Lamp MR16 50mm 50W longlife 60°2.92 €
Z-L-8177FHalogen Lamp MR16 50mm 50W Daylight 40°2.77 €
LI-1179AMP Distributor Connector5.36 €
Z-L-8152Mirror Lamp MR16 20W (35W) Mega IRC4.19 €
Z-L-8151Mirror Lamp MR16 16W (20W) IRC5.83 €
Z-K-AMP03AMP Extension Cord 1.8m3.75 €


Stainless steel on mount cornice cabinet light fixture.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Cabinet luminaire, brushed stainless steel,
Suitable for lamps MR16, 12V 50 watts max.
Incl. 25cm cable with AMP connector.
Operating voltage 12V
Lamp and transformer to be ordered extra.
Length 43cm, 48 x 50mm mounting plate.