Outdoor Flood Light LUX 1000W HID SYM

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Please add following accessories:
VG-1095Control Gear Box for MH / Sodium 1000W297.50 €
Z-L-8327Sodium Lamp HPS 1000W, E40 tubular89.25 €
Z-L-8376-9Metal Halide Lamp HID 1000W E40 Tubular 9.5amp122.57 €


High-Power lighting fixture for 1000 watt metal halide discharge lamp MH.
Manufacturer: Kelvin Italy


Power consumption 1000 watt, the brightness is like 4000 watts halogen.
To be used with metal halid discharge lamp HPI-T E40 1000 watts. (to be ordered separately.)
Not dimmable.
Lamp starting time aprx. 2 - 3 minutes. Life time 8.000 hours
Lamp and separate ballast unit have to be ordered extra.
Housing: Aluminium die-cast, with hardened protection glass and temperature proof sealing.
With adjustable mounting bracket.
Splash water proof IP65
Dimensions: w 650mm, h 610mm.