LED Solar Street Pole Light Unique

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Nice PV lamp post, LED powered by solar cells - with pole for public garden or pathways. Made in Germany.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Timeless design that blends in with the old town, as well as parks or footpaths.
Use: footpath, park, driveway, garden restaurant, private garden, bike path etc.
Energy efficiency class A +++
Solar module 12V 20W, monocrystalline silicon, hermetically encapsulated, approx. 25 years life expectancy.
Lithium iron phosphate battery 12V, maintenance-free, life: 5 - 10 years.
Autonomous operating time even in slightly cloudy skies: 30 hours (3 nights).
With LED bulbs - brightness 600 lumens, 50000 hours life.
Pleasant light color (no cold, blue light).
The brightness is about 60W (conventional bulb).
Programmable control: Automatic switch on and switch off at dusk.
Adjustable midnight break (lit when needed only in the evening and in the morning).
With motion detector: low-level night-time lighting and high brightness when a person approaches.
Intelligent energy management: Automatic dimming to enable lighting even on long snowy winter days.
In the dark season, the light duration is limited because the sunlight is sufficient only for small recharge.
Overcharge protection, deep discharge protection and automatically temperature-adapted characteristic curve to extend the battery life.
The light control is conveniently accessible behind a lockable door in the mast (vandal-proof).
Maintenance-free - (only the solar cells should be freed from snow or leaves if necessary).
Light environment: Ø approx. 15m
Total height: 340cm
Ambient temperature: minus 20 ° C ... + 55 ° C
Steel mast: Ø 60mm, galvanized (additionally powder coated in color).
For setting in concrete, 60cm deep (optional for construction with base plate).
Color of the lamp head: Gray, black or silver (included in the price).
Dimensions of the lamp head: depth 310mm, width 450mm, height 400mm
Lamp head protection class: IP44
Minimum order quantity 4 pcs.