4-Channel Dimmer DIN Rail SDK-U4-10 EIB KNX

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VS-DIN24-1Power Adaptor 24V DC 1A for DIN rail41.65 €


For resistive, capacitive, inductive loads. 4 channels x 570 watt. Input EIB.
Manufacturer: Varintens


SDK-U4 transistor dimmer for DIN rail mounting on 35mm DIN rail.
4 channels each max. 2.5 A.
2 channels can be linked together to increase the load up to 1140 watt.
Automatic load detection trailing edge / leading edge mode.
EIB input.
4 additional outputs 24 volts can be used to control relays.
Supply voltage 24V AC or DC / 40mA required (Please add the additional electricity demand expected if the external relays!)
Width 234 mm, height 90 mm, depth 44 mm