Waterproof Fluorescent Light Fixture T5 28W ECG IP65

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Tri-proof fitting with electronic ballast for single or double tube 28W T5. Acrylic diffuser, IP65 rating.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Housing and cover made of impact-resistant polycarbonate for wall or ceiling mounting or for suspending.
Impact resistant, vandal proof, resistant to dilute acids, many oils and fats as well as against ethanol, but resistant to bases, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, as well as ketones and esters.
Suitable for underground parking, kitchens, bakery, indoor areas.
Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C
Luminaire dust-proof and water-resistant to IP65.
Quick-release clips for easy lamp replacement.
Electronic ballast - thus very long lamp life and reduced power consumption.
Suitable for fluorescent tubes T5 28W, 1149 mm length.
Please order the light tubes separately.
Voltage: 220-230V 50Hz (on request other voltages)
Dimensions: L 1266 mm, B 115 mm, H 115 mm
Optional with emergency light function.