DMX Light Controller 1 Week Year Timer

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Up to 72 channels can be switched or dimmed with lighting scenes, time-controlled, like a week-timer.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Controllable units: 16 pcs. Max. 32 channels / unit = total 512 channels
Application: Artificial sunrise and sunset in animal barn, zoo, animal breeding, exhibition stand, shop window, outdoor lighting, sauna world.
The fade times are freely selectable.
Output DMX512 to control corresponding dimmers, LED lights or relays.

- 999 light scenes
- 999 sequences / 99 steps in each sequence
- 999 times can be saved. Each time starts a scene or sequence number or a program:
- 99 day programs
- 99 weekly programs
- 99 monthly programs
- 99 special programs (special day program)
Fade time selectable up to max. 99 minutes.

You can create scenes and sequences, and add them together to programs.
Then you can eg. start a daily program and the show will run automatically every day.
In case of power failure, or when switching off the device all information is retained in memory.

Additional PC software for fast creation of scenes, sequences, and programs
and for transfer between console and PC via the RS-232 interface.
Optional: Daylight sensor for starting program sequences.
Connection voltage 230V AC (power supply 7.5V AC or DC included).
Metal housing for placement or panel mounting.
Width 110mm, height 138mm
Installation depth 46mm