DMX Light Controller 1 Week Year Timer

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Up to 72 channels can be switched or dimmed with lighting scenes, time-controlled, like a week-timer.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Controllable units: 99 pcs. with max. 32 channels /unit
- 999 scenes
- 999 sequences / 99 steps for each sequence
- 999 time points can be setted. Each time-point can start a scene or sequence number.
The time-points can also link to a program:
- 99 day programs
- 99 week programs
- 99 monthly programs
- 99 special programs ( e.g. for holiday)
Fading time free adjustable, max. 99 minutes.

You can create scenes and sequences, and add them together to programs.
Then you can start for e.g. a day program and the show wil run every day automatically.
At power fail or after switching off the power, the system will keep all memories without loss.

External relay contact for dawn control.
Additional computer software, for easy and quickly creating of scenes, sequences and programs,
saving them in the memory or transfer them from computer to controller or backwards via RS-232 port.