Street Light Fixture Apagon 70W, 150W, 250W HPS

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Z-L-8314-ISodium Lamp HPS 250W, E40 bulb elliptical22.13 €
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LS-ZM947Adaptor 76mm Pole to 60mm Fixture48.79 €


Very rigid street light for mercury / sodium / metal halide lamp. IP65 European brand
Manufacturer: Kelvin Italy


Also proper for: tropical countries, high ambient temperatures, high humidity, salty mist,
sandstorms, extremely low temperatures -40°C (optional to -60°C)
Anodized pure-aluminium reflector
Die-cast aluminium body, grey color.
Diffusor: clear, hardened glass, flat 4mm.
Incl. low-loss ballast and electronic ignitor.
Adjustable lamp focus for maximum efficiency, depends on the used lamp.
Fitting for the following lamps in elliptical or tubular shape:
sodium lamp HPSV, NAV, SON 70 - 150 - 250 W (yellow light, energy-saving)
high pressure mercury lamp HPMV, HQL, HPL E40 125W (white light)
metal halide lamp MH, HQI E40 70 - 150 - 250 W (white light, true color rendering)
(The lamp must be ordered extra)
2 quick release fasteners made of stainless steel
Optionally: Automatic circuit breaker when opening the case.
For post top or side entry mount on masts with 60mm Ø.
Adjustable inclination +- 15°
wind load: 0,158m²
IP rating: IP65 for lamp comparsion and control gear, splash waterproof.
Protection class II
Shock resistance: IK10
Certification: CE
Measurements: L 598 mm, w 265 mm, h 185 mm