Surface-Mount Fluorescent Fixture T5 Monza 2x28W

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Z-L-LT5-28Fluorescent Tube T5, 28W, 1149mm4.94 €
Z-LIL2570SSuspension for Fluorescent Fixture17.55 €


Louver light fitting 1200mm for suspending or ceiling direct mount for twin tube T5, 28 watt.
Manufacturer: PXF


The highly polished reflector grid stays optically dark, the light appears comfortable and blind-free.
The emitted light is ideal for computer workstations, and wherever incurred demanding visual tasks.
With energy saving electronic ballast for flicker-free light.
Improved light output and longer lamp life expectancy.
No flickering light and gentle start. Shutdown at a tube defect.
For 2 x 28W T5 fluorescent tube (sold separately).
Light emission: direct.
Operating voltage 230V 50 / 60Hz
Decorative lamp in white powder-coated steel sheet housing.
Dimensions: L 1225mm, W 216mm, H57 mm