Fluorescent Lighting Fixture with diffuser 18W T8

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Z-L-LT8-18-840Fluorescent Tube 18W T8 Triphosphor 8403.25 €
Z-L-LT8-18-835Fluorescent Tube 18W T8 Triphosphor 830 8353.25 €
Z-L-LT8-18-860Fluorescent Tube 18W T8 Triphosphor 8653.45 €
Z-L-LT8-18-BioFull Spectrum Fluorescent Tube T8, BioLight 18W8.93 €


Decorative fluorescent light fitting with plastic cover for T8 tube 1x 18 watt. IP40
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Versions for 1 or 2 fluorescent tubes T8 18W.
The brightness corresponds to about 90W or 180W incandescent light.
With prismatic cover - scatters the light and makes the luminaire glare-free.
This is particularly important with low ceiling height, e.g. Counters, kitchen, dressing rooms or dry cellar rooms.
Electronic ballast EVG flicker-free and for extended lamp life.
(Please order fluorescent tubes T8 separately)
Protection class IP40
Length 622mm, height 70mm, width 170mm, white