Triproof LED Light Fixture 150cm 72W IP66 Emergency

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4 ft. 1500mm with electronic gear, tri-proof high IP66 rating.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Shockproof polycarbonate body and diffuser for on-mount or as pendant light.
High light output, even at big installation hight.
Energy economizing SMD Leds and driver included.
Integrated battery for automatic emergency lighting.
Autarkic time 1 or 3 hours as per order.
Stainless steel clips for fast opening and lamp installation.
Suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable building materials, F marking (L)

LED efficiency: 167 lm/W
Light color: 4000K pure white
Luminous lamp: 11470 lm
Color rendering index: 80
Harmonic distortion THD < 5%
Electrical single installation, continuous run installation (cable glands on both ends)
Operating voltage: 230 V
Mains frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power: 72W
Ambient temperature: -25 ... 40 °C
Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor (after 60 000h) 88%
Dimensions: l 1570 mm, w 145 mm, h 111 mm
Protection degree: IP66 Dustproof and water proof
Shock proof: IK10

Chemical resistance: Resistant to dilute acids, many oils and fats, to ethanol, but not to bases, aromatic and halogenated carbons or ketones and esters. As a polyester, it is sensitive to hydrolysis, which means that after long influence of hot water can lead to stress cracks.