MPPT Solar Battery AC Power-Inverter 48V 230V 5kVA

رقم المنتج: VS-BW304M

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MPPT solar charger and power converter into 230 volt ac line voltage 4000 watt, 5000 VA. For 48V battery backup.
Pure sine wave inverter for mobile power supplies or photovoltaic solar power systems.
The battery charging can be done via solar panels, the mains or via diesel generator.
- High-frequency transformer inside
- Surge capacity for inductive loads
- Built-in advanced DSP-controlled MPPT solar charge controller and configurable
- AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
- Compatible to grid voltage or generator power
- Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
- Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
- Overload, short-circuit, over temperature, low/high voltage protection

Inverter output:
Output voltage: 230V 50 -60Hz, auto-sensing
1 phase (up to 6 units can be linked together for 3phases and power up to 30,000VA)
Pure sine wave
Continuous Load: 5000VA / 4000W

Solar Input:
Maximum Power Point Tracking regulates the optimal adjustment of the module voltage to the battery voltage for 30% higher performance.
Max. Charging current: 80A
Solar module power: Max 4000W.
Solar Voltage: 60V - 145V DC

Grid input:
90-300V 50 - 60Hz

For battery voltage: 48V with terminals
Automatic switching to battery power if the mains power fails
Switching time: 10 ms typ.
Max. Battery charging current at grid charging: 60A

Efficiency: 98%
Short-circuit protection and overload shutdown.
Standby power consumption is only 2W
Temperature range: 0 - 55°C
Housing: aluminum 460mm x 120mm x 300mm