LED Stage Lighting Package Kit 6

رقم المنتج: TA-SETI6

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Availability: Production in our facilities

Please add following accessories:
Z-K-2C2-034كابل بيان2.32 €
Z-K-DMX510كابل بيان56.17 €
TA-1917-3كلاّب ربط &#34.87 €
TA-1912-5كلاب متحر26.18 €
TA-1930-5خط معلق لل&#42.84 €


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الشركة المصنعة: GEO-Technik


High-quality system with 22 LED stage lights, controller and all necessary accessories.
The installation must be performed by a specialist.
By LED technology results in a very low energy consumption.
The extremely long lamp life reduces maintenance and operating costs.
Further, it is no longer necessary to exchange the color filters with a ladder.
This can now be done easily and continuously via the control panel.

2 pcs. aluminum truss 800cm for hanging the lights.
8 folding hook with eyelet + 16 steel cables for suspension up to 500cm.
8 LED RGB spotlights 60W
28 folding hooks + 4mm safety rope
14 LED Stage Spotlight 72W Zoom
2 aluminum truss 200cm in the third room to the right and left.
4 hinged hook with eyelet + 8 steel cable for hanging up to 500cm.
1 lighting console LT Titan 48 + RGB monitor
1 DMX control cable 20m assembled
1 DMX control cable 120 m
3 wall plug points for selectively connecting the control console.
1 DMX jumper cable