Solar Deep Well Water Pump 80m 240 GPH

رقم المنتج: S-SOLW644

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Solar powered submersible water pumping for 80 meters deep wells. For drinking water or irrigation
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Complete water supply system for sunny countries near the equator, South America, Africa, desert countries.
This pump delivers drinking water from a well with up to 80 meters depth to the surface.
The pump is lowered into the shaft or into the tube and remains under water.
2 water level sensors prevents dry running of the pump, if this is not in the water.
The included controller protects the pump and increases the voltage at reduced sun exposure.
When the sun shines, the pump starts automatically and runs continuous until sunset.
By the attached switch the pump can be controlled manually, if required.
The high-quality monocrystalline solar panels are for maximum performance even on slightly overcast sky.
They have sturdy aluminum frame, are sealed weatherproof and dustproof, and shock-resistant, life expectancy about 25 years.

Maximum water rising depth: 80 meters
Nominal water rising depth: 70 meters
Maximum flow rate: 1250 liters per hour (241 gph)
Cylindrical design of the pump with 76mm diameter.
Material: Stainless steel
Water connection: 3/4''
Max. Pump power 250W
max. Output current 3.3 A
Controller current consumption: 25mA
Ambient temperature range: 0° C to +60° C
Output is short circuit protected
Overtemperature shutdown at about 80° C.
The Module surface is approximately 2.5 square meter.

The set includes:
Rugged pump
2 Solar modules with sturdy aluminum frame.
70 meter pump hose
Control unit, manual switches, cables and terminals.
Ready to mount system including set-up plan.