Mobile Solar Generator 230V 1KW

رقم المنتج: S-SOLAR98-2

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Please add following accessories:
S-SOL24255PV Solar Panel 250W Watt GEO-Technik450.53 €
S-SOL24300PV Solar Panel 300W Watt GEO-Technik664.66 €


Solar powered PV isle energy system for generating of 230 V AC voltage 50 Hz.
Ready-to-use generator with transport wheels.
The generator can be charged by solar modules, by a wind turbine or by 230 volt grid.
One or several solar modules can be connected for charging.
For operation, the generator can be moved to the destinated place.
All electrical connectors and circuit breakers are easy accessable.
Storage capacity: 3000 Wh
Continuous power: 1000W
Maximum power 3000 W 5 sec
Operating duration at fully charged batteries:
24 hours at 125 watt continuous load,
10 h at 300 w cont. load,
3 h at 1000 w cont. load.
The higher the power consumption, the shorter is the battery operating time.
Inverter: Pure sine wave
Output voltage AC 220 - 230 V
Output frequency AC : 50 Hz +- 0.2%
Precision of output voltage: 10%
DC Output Voltage: 12 V / 24 V
DC Output Current: max. 40 A
Solar Panels have to be ordered extra:
Max. solar module power: 880 w
Solar panel voltage range: 21V - 46V
Max. panel current: 20 A
Battery capacity: 24V / 120 Ah
Parallel operation: max. 4 generators (to extend power and operation time)
Max. string power: 12000 W
External Dimensions (L x W x H): 64 x 67 x 61cm