Mobile Solar Power Trailer Generator 6/10kW

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Independent Photovoltaic off-grid power supply generator 220V / 380V with PV modules, batteries and inverter 230 volt 10 kW.
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Solar powered PV isle energy system for generating 230V AC voltage, up to 10kW.
Ready-to-use robust generator system, installed on a trailer.
For charging, the 2 wings with the photovoltaic modules can be opened.
Transport only in closed state.
Purpose: Areas with uncertain electric grid, events, houses with frequent power interruptions, rescue missions, THW, red cross , military or police.
Monocrystalline photovoltaic modules: 6300 watts. Sealed and hail resistant, life expectancy > 25 years.
The high-quality solar cell technology and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
Charging time in direct sunlight 24 hours,
Charging time in diffuse sunlight 30-48 hours
Electrical power inverter 230V / 380V 50Hz triphase, sine wave.
Continuous load max. 8000 watts
Peak load max. 10000 Watt / 10 sec

4 x Schuko 10A
4 x Schuko socket with screw 10A
4 x CEE socket 5-pole triphase 16A
4 breakers 16A,
4 breakers 10A,
2 residual current circuit breaker 30ma
Pure sine wave 50 Hz +- 0,2%
max. Distortion 3% THD
Efficiency of 94 %
Power consumption at idle 0.4A / 48V
Alarm and low battery.
Protection against overload, wrong polarity or short circuit.
In the generator trailer is a interior lighting integrated.

The solar system is available in 2 versions:
* With 2 inverters single phase 230V: When decreasing the battery level, one inverter is stopped ( unimportant consumers, such as heating, air conditioning, fridge),
thus all the major consumers are continued to supply via the second inverter ( telecommunications, computers, lighting, etc. ).
* Or with a three-phase inverter that provides 230V single phase and 380V 3-phases also. (without reserve )
MPPT charge controller for up to 30% more module efficiency and with overload protection.
58 pcs. maintenance-free high power solar GEL batteries, long life type.
Power capacity 139 KWh
Operating time with fully charged batteries and closed solar panel wings:
28 hours at 2500 watts continuous consumption,
14h at 5000 W continuous consumption,
The lower the consumption, the longer will be the battery capacity.
24/7 continuous operation at deployed modules 1450W in Africa or Arabia.
Dimensions: length 605cm, width 254cm, height 254cm.
In the unfolded state : length 605cm, width 704cm, height 314cm.
The solar panels have anodized aluminum frames.
The fold design consists of galvanized steel.
The generator trailer is made of steel plate with scratch-resistant colored coating.
Degree of protection IP65
As an accessory, it is possible, to connect a diesel power generator to this system and automatically starts when discharged batteries and other power supply takes over.