Solar Photovoltaic Electricity System Off Grid 10kW

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Solar powered PV isle energy system for generating of 230 V AC voltage 50 Hz.
Module power: 10300 Watt peak
Ready to mount including set-up plan and:
44 pcs. monocrystalline solar panels, each 235Wp, thunderstorm-proof, lifespan aprx. 25 years.
1 charge controller with overload and deep discharge protection.
Electrical power inverter 10000 watt 230V 50Hz triphase, sine wave.
Short-time peak load (inrush current) 12 kw.
To supply electrical energy even at night or under cloudy sky, this system has an energy store with batteries.
40 / 80 / 120 high power solar gel batteries 12 Volt longlife.
Operating duration at fully charged batteries: 24 / 48 / 72 hours at 4000 watt continuous load.
The higher the power consumption, the shorter will be the operating time.
Mounting truss array for roof or floor mount of the solar modules.
Cables and clamps.
The required place for the modules is aprox. 75 sqm.
The energy yield roughly equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a 3-family house with 10 people in Germany.
Converter and batteries should be mounted in a closed room.
In some countries, this system will be sponsored partially by the government !