Photovoltaic Solar Refrigerator

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Solar electric powered refrigerator.
During the day, the system generates electricity from the solar panels and supplies the fridge.
The electrical energy is stored in batteries for 2 days, depending on the ambient heat
and how often the refrigerator is opened and closed.
Refrigerator and battery box shoud be placed in shadow.
With 2 mono-crystalline solar modules, each 205Wp sealed, and hail resistant, life expectancy around 25 years.
The high quality solar cell technology also ensures cooling on cloudy days.
Engel fridge, german branded freestanding refrigerator.
The refrigerator is thanks to its high efficiency and unmatched performance perfectly for use in hot tropical countries.
Engel coolers are for 40 years, the devices of choice for offshore sailors, professional 4x4 expeditions in the tropics, etc. The patented vibrating compressor trouble all ENGEL devices allowed and very quiet operation even at extreme inclination, and excessive vibration.
The coolers are renowned for their very high quality and their unique longevity.
For this reason, this is the only manufacturer with a 3 year warranty!
Fridge dimensions: W x H x D 520 x 780 x 548 mm (without door 505 mm)
Capacity: 80 liters
Material: film-based polyurethane foam body, door frame steel, door with magnetic closure
Color: Frame lacquered gray, black door
Weight: 29 kg
Internal Temperature range: +5 ° C to> -2 ° C
**-Freezer, electronic thermostat
Ambient temperature -20C deg to +55C deg
Power consumption: 32 Watts
Front Decoration: interchangeable
Door hinge: Left / Right
System voltage: 24 Volt
Current max. 8.33A
Mounting hooks for the solar modules to be mounted on sloped roof.
Cables and terminals, and fuse.