Solar Photovoltaic Power System On-Grid 2 KW

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Solar powered energy system for feed-in the line grid.
Ready to mount including set-up plan and:
8 monocrystalline solar panels, each 250Wp, thunderstorm-proof, lifespan aprx. 25 years,
1 on-grid power converter 2100 watt 230V 50Hz.
Mounting truss array for roof or floor mount of the solar modules.
Cables and clamps.
The required place for the modules is aprox. 17.3 sqm (8 panels 1640mm * 1000mm).
Yearly energy return in Germany: aprx. 2060 kwh
In some countries, this system will be sponsored partially by the government !

The ac-inverter works without transformer with a high efficiency up to 97%.
Max. power 2100 watt
Ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C
Intelligent MPP (maximum power-point tracking): up to 30% more efficient power production of the solar modules.
Input voltage range 120V DC ... 500V DC
input current max. 10 amp
Output nominal voltage 230 V AC 50Hz / 60Hz (automatically adjusting)
Single phase conversion
Umfangreiches Kommunikationszubehör zur Datenerfassung mittels PC.
5 years warranty (optionally 10 years)
For indoor and outdoor use (IP65)