LED Solar Bike Lane Light 30W Africa with Pole

رقم المنتج: LT-Sol051-039L

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Availability: Production in our facilities

Please add following accessories:
S-SOLN2محول 230 فولت69.38 €
W-SCH92Pole Key11.78 €
M-FARB-ZMPainting of a Lighting Pole per Meter30.94 €


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Stable, sandstorm- and weatherproof street lighting lamp for low budget, equipped with a longlife LED Lamp.
High brightness corresponds to 75 watt incandescent light.
With efficient LED lamps, electronic 12V PWM driver and microcontroller system control, for a very long maintenance-free system lifespan.
High quality monocrystalline solar module 30W (tempered glass encapsulated, sand storm proof) aprx. 25 years lifespan.
This modern cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
All components are surfaced with a grey, scratchproof and UV-resistant coating.
The screws consist of VA stainless steel.
Rigid aluminium die-cast LED street light fixture.
This solar light is maintenance free - (only the solar panel should be cleaned occasionally with water).
Our systems are provided with serial numbers, wich can be validated to protect against malicious copies.

Technical specifications:
LED Lamp: SMD LED Chipset 7W
Light intensity: 600 Lm
Life time: 40000 h
The brightness is similar to 60w halogen light.
Light colour 4000K, convinient natural white.
Microprocessor control for automatic lamp start by light sensor and turn-off by dawn.
Overcharge and deep-discharge protection for the battery.
Protection grade IP64
Distance from pole to pole = Lighted area Ø aprx. 20 meter
Autonomy 10 days (each 10h) at cloudy weather
Autonomy 2 days (max. 20 h) at absolutely no sunshine

Including following components:
LED light fixture with arm and pole mount clamp.
Maintenance-free high-power longlife Lithium Iron battery LiFePo4 12 volt,
Solar module with frame and bracket for adjustable top-mount.
Programmable Processor charge controler + intelligent light switch with clock.
Manual for easy mechanical and electrical setup in english language. Other languages on request.
Steel pole: hot-dip galvanized, height 400cm + 80cm to mount into concrete.