Solar Park Pole Light Globe LED with IR Detector

رقم المنتج: LT-SOL07-B

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Please add following accessories:
W-SCH92Pole Key11.78 €
M-Hul81Recessed Plastic Tube for Lighting Pole up to 5m24.99 €
M-FARB-ZMPainting of a Lighting Pole per Meter30.94 €
LT-SOL07-E01Extension Kit C for Winter operation at LT-SOL07B261.80 €


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Elegant in design and safe for use - no wire and low voltage operation. Convenient for self-assembling.
High quality solar module 60W monocrystalline silicon (tempered glass encapsulated, hailproof) aprx. 25 years lifespan.
This modern module technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
Battery: Solar gel accumulator 12 volt maintenance-free. Life time: 5 - 8 years.
Functions well, even under low temperature.
Controller: Switch on automatically with light sensor.
Turns off at sunrise or with the built-in timer.
Battery over-charge and deep-discharge protection.
Steel pole: 4 meter hot-dip galvanized (optionally powder coated).
For mounting into concrete.
Light Source: Super bright power LED lamp with aluminum profile.
Luminance: 1300 Lm, equivalent 150W halogen lamp
LED Life span: > 30,000 h
Working Conditions: Autonomous lighting time under cloudy weather: 3 days / 29h
Lighting range: 25 meters / height: 400 cm
Ambient temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C
Protection grade: IP54, class II
Packing a. Carton size: 90cm x 40cm x 50cm ( 1 unit per carton)
Preparing time 2 weeks ( manufacturing on demand ).