Solar parking lot lighting LED Double Sided

رقم المنتج: LT-SOL-P4

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Photovoltaic light fixture with 2 power LED lamps and 5m post with IR sensor. Made in Germany.
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Robust photovoltaic parking lot lighting with LED lamp - no power supply required.
High brightness - comparable to 600 watt halogen light.
The lighting is switched on via a motion detector.
Switching off after a few minutes with an adjustable timer.
The galvanized steel pole and the whole structure is so robust that kicking is futile.
Available with 1 or 2 adjustable LED floodlights.

All functions are pre-programmed charge on the project and customer requirements from us, so that the lamp is ready for use immediately after construction.
Solar module (without extension): monocrystalline silicon 120W with very high efficiency (tempered safety glass, hail-resistant), about 25 years of life expectancy.
This high-quality module technology allows charging also on cloudy days.
All attachments and fasteners are galvanized or provided with a scratch-resistant and UV-resistant paint in a shade of gray.
The screws are made from stainless VA steel.
Robust LED luminaire head of diecast aluminum with high protection (water and storm protected).
The solar lamp is maintenance-free - (only the solar module should be cleaned occasionally with water).

Technical specifications:
LED Lamp: Power LED 2*30W or 1*70W Chipset
LED lifetime about 40,000 hours
Energy Class A +++
Luminous flux: 2*2900 Lm or 1*6900 Lm
Light color 4000K cool white
Illuminated area: Aprx. 25 x 10m
Mast height: 5 m
Autonomous operating time in overcast weather (with fully charged battery): 18 hours
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C (extension possible on request)
Solar battery: Lead gel 12V, maintenance-free, long life. Life is about 10 years / 20 ° C
Temperature-optimized battery-charge and trickle charge to protect the batteries.
Overvoltage and deep discharge protection for the battery.
Reverse polarity and short circuit protection.
Protection lamp head: IP66
Protection battery box: IP66
Protection Light Control: IP67
Protection class: III Safety extra low voltage
Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE

Supplied flat pack with the following components:
LED lamp head with pole mounting,
High power solar battery,
Solar module with stable, screw-pole mounting,
Galvanized steel mast, height 5 meters + inground section 800mm for concreting,
Microprocessor light controller (located conveniently accessible behind a lockable door in the mast).
Robust battery ground mounting box made of ABS, watertight, walkable, dimensions 550 x 550 x 480mm.
Illustrated assembly instruction in German or English. Other languages ​​on request.
All components are pre-wired and ready for fast assembly.
20 years availability guarantee for spare parts.
The ready-lamp is delivered disassembled, complete with solar panel, mast, battery and lamp.