Lighting Mast 10m with 4 LED floodlights

رقم المنتج: LS-ZM750

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Please add following accessories:
Z-K-NE03كابل تحت أ&#1.07 €
W-SCH92Pole Key11.78 €
Z-K-NE25Underground Cable NYY-J 5x 2.5²2.32 €
M-FARB-ZMPainting of a Lighting Pole per Meter30.94 €
Z-GEHVS3Street Light Pole Junction Box 16²59.50 €
M-Hul83Recessed Plastic Tube for Lighting Pole 8m38.08 €


عمود شارع 10 متر لإنارة الشارع، سطح مطلي.
الشركة المصنعة: Made in Germany


Recommended for building sites, mining, camps and parking lots.
4 bright LED floodlights 100W, in adjustable, stable aluminium casing.
Pole resistant to vandalism and environmental influences.
Dip galvanized steel.
Against surcharge the mast is painted with additional powder coating in any RAL colour.
To DIN EN 40.
With lockable door 85 x 400 mm.
Mast for inground concreting.
Dimensions: h1 length = 10000 mm
Inground length: 1500mm
Pole top Ø = 76mm
d2 foot Ø = 191 mm / s material strength= 3 mm

Luminous output: 45000 lumen
The brightness is like 4 halogen floodlights each 1000 watt.
Light colour: 4000 K (pure white). on request other colours.
Voltage: 230V / 380V 50 - 60Hz
Very long maintenance-free system lifespan, by use of efficient LED lamps.
20 Years sparepart availability guarantee.

Lighted area Ø aprx. 60 meter
Protection degree lamp head: IP66
Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE

4 robust aluminium die-cast LED floodlight projectors, adjustable mounted.
(Complete unit - all inclusive)

* The pictures show samples with different sizes.