Street Light Pole 5m with LED Light 40W Klick

رقم المنتج: LS-ZM710

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Please add following accessories:
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W-SCH92Pole Key11.78 €
Z-K-NE25Underground Cable NYY-J 5x 2.5²2.32 €
M-Hul81Recessed Plastic Tube for Lighting Pole up to 5m24.99 €
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Energy economizing LED street lamp 40 watt with 5 meter steel pole, made in Europe
الشركة المصنعة: Kelvin


Despite the low power consumption, this lamp gives as much light as a 300 watt halogen lamp.
Including galvanized steel mast with 5 meter LPH and side boom.

Dimensions mast:
Steel mast galvanized to DIN EN 40-4
h1 visible length: 5000 mm
h2 soil: 1000 mm
Mast end plait Ø: 60mm
d2 foot Ø: 114 mm
Wall thickness s: 3 mm
The mast has a lockable service door
Door 85 x 400 mm
Recommended distance, mast to mast: 15 - 25m
Examples of mast distances: Distance 21.5m (13 lux)
Recommended foundation depth 110cm

Including lamp head:
Bright light, wide light distribution, good visibility, durable and safe in operation.
By using a lot of single LEDs, the heat distribution is better and the lifetime is longer.

LED power: 40W
LED chip: Power SMD Philips
The brightness corresponds to 50W NAV = 100W HQL mercury vapor lamp.
Color temperature: 6000K cool white
Luminous flux: 3800 Lm
Central illuminance:> 25 lux (5m height)
Average light intensity:> 18 lux (5m)
Protection class: IP65
Ambient temperature: -25 ° C ... + 45 ° C
Voltage: 220 - 240V
Power consumption 40W
Power factor: 0.95
Housing die-cast aluminum, black
Dimensions: 520 x 230 x 70 mm

Tip: The widespread, old street lights with 40W double tube can be replaced by this light. In conjunction with a high pressure sodium vapor lamp e.g. NAT 70W
save energy, maintenance costs and achieve better illumination.
Minimum order quantity: 4 pcs.

Luminaire pole (powder coated depending on order)
Mast adapter for mounting the lamp head on the mast
LED lamp head