Mid Hinged Lighting Column 25m with base plate

رقم المنتج: LS-ZM360-K

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Please add following accessories:
Z-K-N-E23كابل تحت أ&#1.75 €
W-SCH92Pole Key22.02 €
Z-K-N-E25Underground Cable NYY-J 5x 2.5²2.32 €
Z-GEHVS1Street Light Pole Junction Box 6²60.69 €
LS-ZM950Top Cap for Steel Pole 60mm14.28 €
Z-K-N-E40Underground Cable NYY-J 5 x 4²2.71 €
Z-K-N-E60Underground Cable NYY-J 5 x 6²4.76 €
LS-ZM921Knee Corner Adaptor for Lighting Pole 76mm76.16 €
LS-ZM931Extension for Lighting Pole 76mm127.33 €
M-FARB-ZMPainting of a Lighting Pole per Meter30.94 €
LS-148LED Street Light Fixture Slim 130W1128.12 €
LA-1596LED Flood Light 650W Airport Apron Lighting2488.88 €



Hot dip galvanized steel mast, anchor bolt mount onto concrete or stone.