Swimming Pool Floodlight PAR56

رقم المنتج: LB-UW100

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Please add following accessories:
TRF-H07محول 12 فولت40.82 €
TRF-H11محول 12 فولت151.73 €
Z-L-8054مصباح عاك16.01 €
Z-GEH01Cable Connection Muff Coupler IP689.95 €
Z-L-8057LED Swimming Pool Lamp PAR56 RGB 12V174.54 €
Z-LBUW100Recessed Steel Casing for pool light54.74 €
Z-GEH02Cable T-Coupler IP6813.60 €
Z-L-8056LED Swimming Pool Lamp PAR56 18W 12V130.31 €


الشركة المصنعة: Kelvin


IP68 - water depth up to 3 m
17 mm high with V4A stainless steel trim on the basis of a PAR56 bulb.
For concrete pools in connection with an assembly slot.
A lamp replacement is possible without draining the water.
Supplied with 3m cable attached silicone (2 x 6 mm ²)
Suitable for Lamp: PAR56 / 300W (not included)
Color Temperature: 2900K
Luminous flux: 4000 lm
Optional for 10W LED lamp with a suitable color change.
Operating voltage: 12V AC
A 12V transformer must be ordered extra.
One 600VA transformer can supply up to 2 halogen lamps 300W.
One 100VA transformer can drive up to 10 LED lamps each 10W.
Required Accessories: V4A stainless steel mounting pot and halogen transformer.